How Does Period Underwear Work?

Sanitary products shares a dominant market since hippies years ago before period underwear stands out and shake the market for those who are looking for a sustainable way of living. And the revolutionary is not merely a temporary hype; the rise of awareness and innovation of reusable products that align with eco-friendly making it worth looking into. Read on to find more about period underwear and how remarkable Sharicca period underwear works.


 Part 1. How Period Underwear Works

 Part 2. Can I Wear Period Underwear The Whole Day?

 Part 3. Top 6 Reasons to Switch to Period Underwear



A lot of us are keen to cut down trips to the supermarket - considering we're still in a pandemic - and the number of items used in household, period underwear, making the switch to reusable-based products seems natural and in a way, appealing to a lot of us. 

But how exactly period underwear works for us?

Part 1. How Period Underwear Works

At the essence, period underwear functions just like normal underwear would, with additional layers in the middle that are absorbent - especially in the crotch area - to absorb the menstrual fluid with moisture-wicking fabrics at the outer layer to prevent fluid from leaking. Some design comes with leak-resistant gusset for extra protection, or even with odor-neutralizer and anti-microbial agent for additional features.

Take Sharicca period panties for example, it's made of 4 protective gussets to wick moisture, keep it dry and fresh, absorb period fluids and stay leakproof without feeling bulky.

And with all of these features listed, the period underwear is washable and reusable that you can use to replace disposable sanitary products. With proper care, most period underwear can last for years and that also means more money is saved instead of spending on disposable sanitary products.


Part 2. Can I Wear Period Underwear The Whole Day?

How long one period underwear can last depends on a number of factors such as the heaviness of the flow and the absorbency of the period panty. Of course, if you use the period undies along with other sanitary product (such as menstrual cup or tampon), you can be assured to wear one for a full day, and only need to change into a fresh pair if you're planning to use one through the night. Plus, because of the highly absorbent fabrics used in the product, the skin feels nothing but dry and comfortable instead of the slight wetness that we usually have to go through during the heaviest flow. 

The key is to know the pattern of your menstrual flow and use the underwear accordingly. You can start by using a pair when the light flow starts (or during nighttime) and use the underwear as a combo with other sanitary products before using the undies fully for your menstruation. And hence, it's best for you to get multiple absorbency of period underwear to cover varied flow in one menstrual cycle - and you can wash and use it again for the next month!



Part 3. Top 6 Reasons to Switch to Period Underwear

Apart from period panties are comfortable to wear just like everyday underwear would, there are a lot of reasons wearing period undies are beneficial and dare I say will give a huge positive change in your daily lives, should you make the switch.

1. The Reusable Factor
The product itself is reusable, meaning you can wash it and use it again for the next menstrual cycle, and the product itself able to withstand for years (provided that you use it correctly). Being a reusable period panty means you can save a lot of money instead of allocating monthly budgets for disposable sanitary pads and tampons (just imagine how much money you can save, in terms of thousands) - not to mention the disposables then to get accumulated in landfill that can significantly affect the environment as well (average woman's lifetime uses approximately 20 thousands of sanitary products) in the long run.


2. Comfortable Wear
Since period underwear is made with fabrics just like regular underwear, breathable fabrics used are more comfortable than tampons and sanitary pads that can be irritating to the skin, that can develop into rashes at the inner thighs (and we know how painful it can be). This can be a huge change if you have sensitive skin or allergic to certain material or ingredients used in disposable sanitary pads. 

Plus, wearing period panties will be much more comfortable with no bulky feel and look insight. Wearing them will pretty much feel breezy with no discomfort while the pads get in the way when you sit and walk, or worse when it moves out from the place that you need to readjust it.


3. Easy Maintenance
Taking care of period underwear is so easy - you only need to wash them with a bit of detergent in cold water, just like when washing lingerie and the undies will last for up to 3 years.


4. Suitable for Certain Health Issues
Health-wise, period underwear be a game-changer for anyone with endometriosis as the health issues cause the person to have heavy flow most of their menstrual days, or perhaps if you have weak pelvic floor muscles that also contributes to extra heavy flow. If you have these issues, using both of the undies with other sanitary products works well and certainly prevents you from having leaks into your clothing that are indeed embarrassing. 


5. Protection Without Compromising The Style
And get this, because of the increasing popularity of period underwear, there's a lot of options to choose from in terms of designs, types, and colors on top of different absorbency rate for your collection.

Get it in the form of regular undies, briefs or bikini underwear for heavy-flow days and even thongs for low flow days. You can wear different styles to suit the outfit you're wearing, to avoid visible panty line, which is a big no-no in fashion. Try period thong underwear with yoga pants or choose a seamless period panties to absorb period flows while keeping VPL away.


6. Prevents Accidental Leakage
With period underwear at your disposal, you'll always be ready by wearing a pair the day before your period is predicted to start and this not only frees you from rush trips to the nearest convenience store but also prevents accidental leaks when you didn't expect the menstrual cycle starts. 



Disposable sanitary products not only do harm to the environment, but also waste you a fortune buying it. Period panties are great alternative to sanitary products. Stylish, comfortable, and functional, the benefits of period underwear should encourage you to make the switch to period panties. Period panties are indeed remarkable, and definitely the kind of things that should be considered first when purchasing sanitary products. Try it out and see it for yourself; period underwear can be a game-changer for you, just like it did for us.