Sharicca Fit Guide

If your panties are too tight, you will get unflattering bulges; if too loose, it rides up as you move. Panty ride-up can be the suffering and distracting and peek over waistbands are annoying as well if your panties does not fit your size. Hence, learning how to measure for panty size correctly and get yourself a well-fitted panty is crucial as it will not only highlight your curves but also complement your outwear.


How to Select My Panty Size

Step 1. Measure Your Waist
Wrap a soft measuring tape snugly around your natural waist. Measure your waist by bending to one side, the crease that forms indicates your waist size.

How to Choose Sharicca Panty Size Measure Waist Size
Make sure that the measuring tape is parallel to the floor and mark down your waist measurement.

Step 2. Measure Your Hip

Stand on level surface with your feet together. Find the fullest part of your hip and butt. Make sure the measuring tape is parallel with the floor and get the hip measurement.
How to Choose Sharicca Panty Size Measure Hip

Step 3. Find Your Size

Check this size chart with your waist measurement and hip measurement. How you know what panty size to choose.

How to Select A Bra Size

Women's underwear size differs from brands. One brand' medium size could be another brands' small. Underwear size various from manufacturer and the product style itself. Therefore, it is essential that you learn how to to measure for underwear and get your well-fitted bra size.

Step 1. Measure Your Band
Stand in front of a large mirror and pull a soft measuring tape around your chest below your underarms. Measure the circumference of your rib cage (below your underarms). In this way, you got your band size.

How to Choose Sharicca Bra Size Measure Band

When measuring the band size, make sure the measuring tape is parallel to the floor so that it is level. Round up to the nearest even number if the number you've got is odd.

Step 2. Measure Your Bust
Keep the measuring tape level and measure the circumference of your body around the fullest part of the bust. Make sure the tape isn't too tight by taking a full breath in and out to get the most comfortable position. If the measurement falls on the half inch, round it up.

How to Choose Sharicca Bra Size Measure Bust

Step 3. Determine Your Cup
Now you've got both your band size and bust size in hand. Here comes the tricky thing: You can subtract the band size from bust size to decipher your cup size. Check the following chart to determine your cup. For each inch, the cup size goes up by a letter.

  Bust Size - Band Size Cup Size
1'' A
2'' B
3'' C
4'' D
5'' E
6'' F
7'' G
8'' H
9'' I
10'' J
11'' K

Example: If your bust size is 45'' and your band size is 42'', the cup size would be 45-42=3'', which will be a C cup.

Step 4. Find Your Size

Now that you've got your cup size, your band size and your cup determines what bra size you should finally go for. In the previous example, 42C would be your well-fit size.