Why Sharicca Period Panties


How do Sharicca period panties work?
Sharicca period panties combine four layers of ultra-thin materials that are moisture-wicking, anti-microbial, absorbent, and leak-proof so you can say goodbye to pads and tampons. Sharicca period panties can also be used for post-partum, bladder leaks, and discharge.

What does "period-proof" mean?
Period-proof means that the lining of the underwear is designed to absorb moisture from discharge, sweats, bladder leaks, and periods, without leaking. Our underwear consists of four thin layers of protection that make this possible.

Top layer: moisture-wicking and stay dry.
Second layer: anti-microbial, keeping you squeaky clean.
Third layer: absorbs moisture, so you don’t feel wet.
Fourth layer: leak-proof, so no more worries.

Do Sharicca period panties completely replace pads & tampons?
Yes, Sharicca period panties replace pantyliners, pads and tampons. Our absorbent lining holds 2-5 tampons fluids and absorbs moisture and holds for up to 12 hours depending on your flow.

What is the right absorbency for me?
It's a matter for the individual to figure out how long it will take for their flow to reach the maximum absorbency before having to change. We have many of our wonderful customers comfortably wearing them for 8-10 hours and 12 hours even! They have been scientifically proven to last 24 hours, but we do recommend testing them out for a shorter period time first before diving into the full day!

  Light Moderate Heavy
ml 15-20ml 30-45ml 45ml
Super Tampons 2 3-4 5
Cups 0.5 1 1.5
Pads 1 1.5-2 2.5
Teaspoon 3.7 5.5-7.3 9.1
When to Use Occasional Discharge;
Use alone on light period days
Use overnight as backup on heavy days to protect pants and sheets Use alone on heavy period days


For new customers, we recommend trying Sharicca period panties at home for a day to better understand how your flow works with our technology and when you may need to change for a fresh pair.

Are period panties hygienic to wear all day?
The answer is yes! Our period panties contain unique antimicrobial properties which naturally occur due to the construction of the fibers, and there are no added coatings of any type, so your skin is safe.

Will the period panties smell?
Nope! The antimicrobial properties prevent bacteria from building up and keep smells far away and stay odor-free!

Can I use them for bladder leaks?
Yes, that’s why we say Sharicca period panties are versatile! They can be used for periods, post-partum, bladder incontinence, and bladder leaks.