Rewards Policy

To show our gratitude to our loyal customers, we offer a reward program to enables you to take great advantage of our high-quality products at a better price.

How to Earn Reward Points

There are multiple different tasks provided to earn rewards:
- Create an account, and you will earn 50 points;
- Complete your birthday date, and when your birthday comes, you will gain 2 points as well;
- Like, follow or repost Sharicca Facebook and  Twitter page can earn you 10 points;
- Every $1 used to purchase a product adds 1 point to your account;

How to Redeem Your Reward Points

When considering placing your second order, there's no more first order discount to save your money. However, you can check your reward point to see whether they've reached the minimum redeem limit:
You can redeem your reward points once it has reached 100 points.
100 points = $5 off;
200 points = $10 off;
300 points = $15 off;
400 points = $20 off;

Frequently Asked Questions About Reward Program

Q: When Do I Receive Credit After Placing Order?
A: Rewards are issued 30 days after the economy.

Q: Will my reward points expire?
A: If your account is inactive for half a year, your points will expire. To take great advantage of the reward points and save money, you'll be highly recommended to check your reward points from time to time and use the reward points before it expires.

Q: Will my points deducted if I return the product?
A: Yes, if you ask for a refund, the points earn from purchasing those products will be deducted.

Q: Can I transfer these points to my friend, or can I exchange them for cash?
A: We are sorry to tell you that reward points, as well as gift card credit, are not transferable nor redeemable to cash. They can only be used by the same account registered they registered.

Q: What if I want to check the balance of my reward points?
A: You can check your account of reward points balance or email us for the update.

Collect your reward points, buy more and save more!