Period Facts You Probably Didn't know

Think you already know everything of period? There must have something that slip through your radar. Check this period facts list, it will make you feel wiser and make your next period less suffering.


 Part 1. Top 3 Controversial Period Facts

 Part 2. Top 3 Fun Period Facts

 Part 3. Top 5 Weird Period Facts

 Part 4. Period Pains Home Remedies

 Part 5. Which Sanitary Product is Better



Part 1. Top 3 Controversial Period Facts

1. You Won't Get Pregnant on Your Period?

There is a common misconception that you can't get pregnant during your period. In reality, you ABSOLUTELY can get pregnant during your periods. You are not able to conceive a sperm during a period, but sperm can survive in a women's reproductive system for up to 5 days whether you are menstruating or not. This most likely to happen in the middle menstrual cycle.

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2. Your Menstrual Cycle Syncs Up With Your Friends?

As for now, scientists couldn't prove that your period would sync up with your BFF or roommate on chemical or hormonal aspect but, on mathematical aspect, it's proved that menstrual cycle synchronization is simply a matter of time: A woman with a three-week cycle and another with a five-week cycle will have their periods synced and eventually diverge again. That means, if you live with someone for at least a year, your cycles are likely to sync together a few times. However, not having your period syncing doesn't necessary mean anything irregular with your menstrual cycle or your friendship.

3. Is Clotting During Your Period Normal?

Menstrual clots are the mixture of blood cells, mucus, tissue, the lining of the uterus and proteins in the blood that helps regulate blood flow. You don't need to worry about if you see clots in menstrual blood and it is absolutely fine.

But if you have clots larger than a quarter in size and abnormally heavy flow occur with significant pain and you heavy to change your tampon or menstrual pad every 1-2 hours or less, you might need to see a doctor for uterine fibroids check.


Part 2. Top 3 Fun Period Facts

1. You Lost Voice Sound and Smell During Your Period

On the report of vocalization researcher, our reproductive hormones affecting the vocal cords during the menstrual cycle. Our voices can change slightly and become "less attractive" as stated by the participants in their testing. The same female reproductive hormones can also change your natural scent consciously detectable, which means you smell different when you're on your period.

2. Late Periods Make You Live Longer

According to a new study, later menstruation links to a longer lifespan and better health. Later menopause is also probably healthier, associates with an elevated risk of developing breast and ovarian.

3. You Spend 10 Years on Periods

A woman will have around 450 periods from her first period to menopause. Almost 3500 days equates to approx 10 years of your life. That's a lot of periods, a decade of a woman's life will be spent menstruating.


Part 3. Top 5 Weird Period Facts

1. Skin Damage and Hair Loss During Periods

Every female is obsessed with their skin and hair. If your estrogen level decreased, the level of iron in your body also drops cause loss of more hair than usual. In some cases, heavy bleeding can cause hair loss and thinness of hair. During hormonal changes (estrogen and testosterone), your skin also changes and can result in clogged pores, oily skin and breakouts, or you may have skin inflammation.

2. Why Do You Sometimes Get Heavy Periods or Light Periods?

High level of estrogen and low levels of progesterone increase the thickness of the uterus lining. It makes your period heavy because the thick uterine lining sheds during the period. A low level of estrogen cause light period and also many factors like body weight, exercise and stress can also alter the menstrual cycle and make your period light.

3. In Winter Period Pain is More Torturing

In winters, the blood vessels quite shrink or flatter than usual, which means the pathway of blood flow become narrow. Due to this, during the period the flow of blood can get interrupted and causing intense suffering. In summers, due to sunlight our bodies vitamin D or dopamine boost our moods, happiness, concentration and all-around health levels. But in cold, shorter days because of a lack of sunshine can adversely impact your mood and make it heavier and longer than usual.

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4. Are Your Gums Hurting During a Period?

During the monthly menstrual cycle due to hormonal changes or an increase in hormones like estrogen and progesterone in your body can lead to red swollen gums and become more prone to bleeding, swollen salivary gland, development of canker sores or may experience soreness in your mouth.

5. Your Health is Responsible for Irregular Periods

Periods can be irregular due to mental and physical health. If you are stressed more than usual it may delay your period or you may undergo a heavier flow, lighter flow or no menstruation (not endlessly). Some irregular periods caused due to some medicines, not having enough nutrition or having a very low weight. Fluctuations in weight can affect also your periods.


Part 4. Period Pains Home Remedies

Period can be torturing especially when it comes with period pains. Period pains, also known as menstrual cramp, can be suffering on the first two days with nausea, headache, dizziness, loose stools and throbbing lower abdomen. Can we stop periods? Absolutely no, but certain remedy can ease you:

  • Stress relief;
  • Quit smoking;
  • Release endorphins with exercise;
  • Have sex;
  • Relax with rest, warm baths or meditating;
  • Apply heat on belly or lower back;
  • Massage with essential oil;
  • Drink more water;
  • Enjoy herbal teas;
  • Eat anti-inflammatory foods;
  • Take your personal hygiene seriously;



Taking your personal hygiene seriously by carefully choosing which sanitary products to use and keeping your private part sanitary is the most intuitive pain relief home remedy to start with.


Part 5. Which Sanitary Products is Better

When we reckon about periods, that irritation and discomfort come into our mind. Every person with a period deserves the peace of mind.


Disposable sanitary products such as tampons, menstrual cups and sanitary pad take the majority of menstrual products market. However, period panties are gaining popularity these years as both ecologically sustainable as they are washable, reusable and leak-proof underwear that absorbs your period as a pad or tampon would (even heavy flow). They are the best alternative to single-use products such as pads and tampons and convenient to use and less messy than using menstrual cups.

Advantages of using period underwear:

1. Period Underwear with 4-Protective-Layer Gussets
Most period panties include multiple layers as its gusset technique. Take Sharicca for instance, all period panties come with 4 layers to wick moisture, stay odor-free, absorb fluids and stay leakproof. It will keep your gusset fresh and dry, no wet and uncomfortable feelings.

2. Stretchable Fabric for Better Fitting
A comfy, absorbent period underwear with stretchable and breathable fabric helps to relieve you from tight and bulky feeling. If you choose a seamless period panties, you are also free from visible panty lines.

3. Less Risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome
Beyond the comfort factor and leak-proofing, using period panties are safer than tampons which carry a risk of toxic shock syndrome. If you're looking for a solution less irritating than tampons more comfortable than sanitary pads, underwear is the best alternative.

4. Easy Use
Unlike menstrual cups and tampons which could be tricky to wear and messy and freaking out to change a new pair, period panties are handy and easily use as normal underwear.

5. Eco-friendly
Disposable sanitary products, for example, a regular-size tampon, can take up to 500 years to decompose, and women uses more than 11,000 disposable tampons their live. Switching to recyclable sanitary products like reusable period panties is a great step forward to a healthier world. Reusable period panties can be washed and store for your next menstruation. A pair of period panties can be used up to 2 years if washed and cared correctly.

Period Panties are the most sustainable and eco-friendly menstrual companion.



There are many menstrual myths, and fun/weird period fact you probably didn't know before.

Getting to know these amazing period facts help you know your period better and have the home remedies to ease yourself from menstrual cramp. Quit smoking, do exercise and keep your personal hygiene are key to get a easier period.

When it comes to which sanitary products to use, there's no doubt that period panties which are stretchable and washable are becoming more and more popular as it is healthier, budget saving, eco-friendly and more easily use.

Period underwear is the most satisfying option and its design allows you to free-bleed while the fabric absorbs menstrual blood and prevents leakage onto your skin and clothes. It is the safest among other things we place against our skin. You can wear it for a day and don't need to worry. It is simpler to use and this protection make you more comfortable during menstruation.