Say Goodbye to Panty Lines

 What are Panty-Lines and Why Should You Care?

These days, women's fashion is complicated. Fabrics can vary wildly, with a lot of modern-day styles consisting of thinner, cheaper materials that will show even the slightest texture underneath. Nonetheless, the amount of choices we have in regards to our clothing is nothing short of remarkable. There are endless opportunities to express your mood and personal style with what you wear.

But we've all experienced that moment: you put on a new garment and you're excited to see how it looks, but when you look in the mirror, all you see are the unsightly panty lines showing through.

Having your undergarments take center stage is not ideal. But luckily, with a little bit of knowledge and some simple guidelines, you can avoid a panty frenzy. In this article, we will discuss what panty lines are, what causes them, why you should care, and how to avoid them.


What are Panty Lines?
Not everyone detects panty lines at first sight when looking in the mirror; that's why it's important to be aware of what they are. Panty lines are visible colors, textures, or lines around your mid section that results from your underwear showing through your clothes. Frequently, the lines are seen on your bottom, where your underwear ends, and your bare skin begins. But as mentioned, colors or textures that can be seen under clothing are also considered panty lines, so it's not just cheeky briefs that are the only pantyline offenders.


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What Causes Panty Lines?
Poorly designed or ill-fitting undies are usually the culprit of panty lines. That combined with light-colored, tight-fitting clothing, and you'll have your underwear stealing the show. Additionally, panties with heavy seams tend to cause lines because the seam is more likely to dig into your skin. Think of a rubber band wrapped around a balloon. The balloon is a smooth, curved surface; having a band wrapped around it will indeed cause an indentation. People usually think this issue can be avoided by simply wearing a thong, but even thongs with heavy seams can cause an indent around your waist, under your stomach, or above your cheeks.


Why Should You Care?
Panty lines can sometimes be more visible to onlookers than they are to you if you're not paying attention. Plus, panty lines can distract from how your clothing hangs on your body and can completely change your look. Do you know that feeling of someone telling you that you have something stuck in your teeth? It can kind of shoot down your confidence because suddenly, you've been made aware that your appearance is different than what you thought it was. It feels like a loss of control over how you represent yourself and like other people know something about you that you don't. This feeling is unmistakable and almost always results in embarrassment. Women deal with enough judgment when it comes to our bodies. We don't need another (easily preventable) issue like pantylines causing people to gawk at us without our permission.


How to Avoid Panty Lines 

1. Seamless Underwear

Whether you like thongs, bikini briefs, or boyshorts, the best way to avoid panty lines altogether is by purchasing seamless underwear. Seamless underwear can come in any size, cut, and color. Many people find seamless underwear to be exceptionally comfortable, as they are made from thin, stretchy material. Usually, the materials you find in seamless underwear are blends of jersey, spandex, and microfiber. Seamless underwear eliminates seams by having neat edges that lay flat against the skin, which is accomplished by laser cutting the material. The only seams you might find in seamless panties are small, vertical lines up the hip to join the front and back pieces of the material, but they usually are undetectable.

2. Go Without

Sure, this seems obvious. But if you need to get rid of panty lines in a pinch and don't want to sacrifice your outfit by changing into something else, going commando is a perfectly acceptable option. You might try and avoid this option if you're wearing jeans or anything that could rub and irritate your sensitive areas.


3. Make Sure They Fit Properly

If underwear is too tight, it will create a bulgeat the edges of the underwear line. Not to mention, tight panties can be super uncomfortable and will most likely result in several wedgies throughout the day. Equally as unfortunate is if your undies are too big. In this case, you might notice them moving around under your clothes, and possibly giving you a diaper look with extra fabric sagging below your bottom. Buying the right size of underwear can be difficult, since sizes can vary amongst different stores. It's recommended that you take your hip and waist measurements before purchasing. That way, you can look to the underwear size chart provided by the store or brand and figure out your sizing according to their specific line.

4. Ditch Cotton Undies

For clothing that easily reveals panty lines, avoid pairing that outfit with cotton underwear. Cotton underwear tends to have thicker seams and will definitely show through more than its microfiber or spandex counterparts. If you're really attached to the breathability of cotton, try and find seamless cotton underwear.


In conclusion, panty lines are an inconvenience that is relatively easy to solve, especially with seamless underwear. Additionally, if you take your measurements to find the right size and try to stick with skin toned panty colors, you'll be sure to avoid panty lines for good.